1. professional cat walker summer 2k14

  3. Here’s an audio recording of a very impromptu two am reading I did with Sophia Katz in the back alley of an art gallery in Toronto around late June. 

    Sophia reads a short section from New Tab by me & then I try & totally fail to read a poem by Sophia.


  4. "If the Hollywood sign was located inside my head, it would say ‘DESPERATE’ in giant letters instead of ‘HOLLYWOOD.’"
    — from New Tab
  6. this week on otherppl podcast with brad listi, I talk about more or less all my issues & probably mispronounce a record amount of words.

    I started listening to brad’s podcast back when he had sheila heti as a guest & it’s probably my favorite literary podcast, so being today’s guest seems good to me.

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  7. tiveposts:


    Recomendación total para la lectura de esta novela en su idioma original en espera de una edición en España, para la cual me ofrezco como traductor —llegado el caso. Su protagonista y narrador es un diseñador de videojuegos próximo a la treintena, descontento con su trabajo y con su vida en general. Es decir, que sufre de baja autoestima, aislamiento y ansiedad social, como cualquier buena persona. […]



    Full recommendation for reading this novel in its original language, while awaiting an Spanish edition, for which I offer myself as a translator —if necessary. The protagonist and narrator is a video game designer in his twenties, unhappy with his work and his life in general. I mean, who suffers from low self-esteem, social isolation and anxiety, as any good person. He has the idea of returning to college in Montreal to study Creative Writing, so he moves home to share a house in rental with other students. In the attempt to re-invent himself, he makes new friends —-with one foot in real life and another one on Facebook—, he attends parties and raves, and flirts with alcohol and other drugs disastrously. The disappointing and full of self-destructive mood of tweets —aphorisms— acting as a transition between scenes prepares us to guess the fate of this unfortunate guy in its interaction with reality.

    “New Tab” (Véhicule Press, 2014) offers a wonderful psychological characterization of characters that makes them completely believable and lovable. Realism also defines the protagonist’s “love story” with a younger girl, a desultory literary fanzine editor who is still trapped in a previous relationship of dependency. Few contemporary love stories I have found so poignant as this one, told by Guillaume Morissette, this new writter associated with the emergence of the Alt Lit scene in Canada. My identification with the characters has been tremendous, thanks to its particular wisdom to perceive and transmit the doubts, the fears, the absurd, the innocence and helplessness of our lives in the second decade of the century. Morissette is author of the miscellany of prose and poetry, “I Am My Own Betrayal” (2012) and has published in numerous digital media.

  8. I am not sure I fully understand what this review is trying to articulate, but I liked reading it. if this is a ‘negative review’, it’s probably the nicest negative review I’ve seen so far.

    I feel like it’s hard to see what philip means here when he talks about the ‘post-modern mechanics’ of a book like taipei in comparaison to new tab, but this kind of review really makes me want to understand better how other people perceive novels & what they’re hoping to get out of them. 

  12. cool review of new tab by daniel roy, who, according to his linkedin, is an independent videogame writer & designer who worked on games like splinter cell & more

  14. bushwickreview:

    I recommend Guillaume Morissette's new book New Tab for some truly relatable feelings about social anxiety and aging anxiety. It’s also funny and well-crafted, the prose flows nicely. There are themes and concepts to think about, but they are never done in a heavy-handed way. Plus it makes me want to go to Montreal even more than I did before. I’ve never been. 


  15. "I felt as if my goal overall was to be invited to all the parties, but never go."
    — from New Tab by Guillaume Morissette  (via coffeeslut)