1. photo of me reading live on skype for pyramid scheme in wales, hosted by richard owain roberts

  2. Here’s Erin Balser on CBC Radio talking about CBC’s annual New Canadian Authors to Watch list, which includes me (I am discussed starting at 2:25). 

    I really like how diverse CBC’s list is (good male/female writers balance, not everyone is white). When the list first came out two weeks ago, no one had told me I was going to appear on there, so I clicked on the article expecting to have been ignored. Then I saw my face and I felt confused and lost for about twenty seconds. “They’re being sarcastic,” I thought. “Sarcastic journalism,” I thought.

    In Canada, my book wasn’t published by a giant press and I haven’t won a national writing competition and my writing hasn’t appeared in places like The Walrus, so I guess I still don’t think of myself as being “on the radar.” If anything, I feel like I still view myself as the radar’s loch ness monster or something.

    That being said, being on CBC’s list this year is a good boost for me, so I feel grateful.

  3. page 128 of new tab

  4. I’ll be travelling a little in september/october to do book festivals & other stuff. my dates are still a work in progress, but if you live in any of the cities listed above & would be interested in having me read at a thing, email me at bed.wave[at]gmail.com & we can try to figure something out. I’d love to add more dates in other cities.

    if I somehow end up sleeping on your couch at any point during this trip, I have a half-weird french accent & I am low maintenance as a house guest.

  5. from page 144 of new tab

  6. there’s a review of new tab in the new issue of the magazine broken pencil (full text should be online soon).

    I think they liked it.


  7. 24th-ofjune said: Can us followers add you on Facebook, or do we just "follow" your profile?

    Hey. Feel free to add me if you feel like it, having a large pool of semi-random Facebook friends definitely makes my life more interesting to me.


  8. the literary press group of canada has made this chart for their blog cataloging some of the memes & objects in new tab:

    1. dancing in your underwear
    2. disco star wars
    3. a bar in montreal called ‘blizzarts’
    4. green tea
    5. facebook
    6. twitter
    7. not using your phone as a phone
    8. pabst blue ribbon
    9. 'endurance' as a company value
    10. scrabble for iphone
    11. craigslist
    12. xbox 360
    13. putting on headphones to avoid socializing
    14. montreal subway system
    15. backyard cinema
    16. a dead person’s bike
    17. books (herzog, hour of the star, history of celibacy, speedboat, et tu babe)
    18. concordia university
  9. there’s a long interview of me in the new print issue of alt citizen

  10. some photos from new york lit night in montreal, hosted by ashley & me with readings by spencer madsen, gabby bess, lucy k shaw, oscar bruno d’artois & sarah jean alexander

  11. I am apparently one of CBC Books’ ‘2014 Writers To Watch

  12. fun review of new tab over at htmlgiant

  13. the art journal papirmass is giving away a copy of new tab in august

  14. or at least my books


  15. “Angst Journal” by Osamu Dazai, presented without comment, or maybe just an intro


    Osamu Dazai (1909 - 1948) is one of Japan’s most well-known writers. His masterpiece was probably his final book, No Longer Human, which is also, somehow, “Japan’s second best-selling novel.” Dazai lived as a self-destructive outcast in a conformist society and frequently used elements from his life and family background as material for his stories and novels.

    "Angst Journal" is a short diary that looks kind of like an introverted Twitter feed. None of the entries are dated, but Dazai mentions The Final Years, so this is probably around 1936. During this period, he was, I think, in debt and addicted to morphine.

    If you’re interested in reading more about Dazai, I would recommend The Saga of Osamu Dazai by Phyllis I. Lyons.



    ________ _____th

    Someone put a live snake into the mailbox. Anger. Whoever it was must enjoy laughing at unsuccessful writers who go out to check mailbox twenty times a day. Start to feel bad and stay in bed all day.

    ________ _____th

    "Don’t sell your suffering" — letter from a friend.

    ________ _____th

    Condition terrible. Bloody phlegm. Sent word home, but they don’t seem to believe me.

    Peach tree is blossoming in corner of garden.

    ________ _____th

    Inheritance from father was apparently 1.5 million yen. No idea how much is left. Was disinherited eight years ago anyway. Have only managed to live this long thanks to kindness of elder brother. But what about from now on? Have never even dreamed of earning own keep. Won’t have any option but to die if this keeps up. On this day, man of corruption, that’ll teach you, bad writer of terrible books.

    Dan Kazuo came to visit. Borrowed forty yen from him.

    ________ _____th

    Correct proofs of short story collection The Final Years. Suddenly wonder if this might end up being my final work. No doubt it will.

    ________ _____th

    Number of people who haven’t bad-mouthed me this year: three? Less? Surely not.

    ________ _____th

    Letter from my elder sister.

    "I just sent twenty yen, so please go and collect it. You put me in a very difficult position by always asking for money. I can’t tell mother, so it always comes from me, and it makes things most difficult. Mother doesn’t have that much money either… You must be more frugal and stop spending so much. The magazine companies are paying you at least a little, aren’t they? Stop borrowing from others and tighten your belt. Take better care of yourself. Look after your health, and stop going out so much with your friends. We are tired of worrying about you so much…"

    ________ _____th

    Drowsy all day. Have begun to suffer from insomnia. Two nights so far. If I don’t sleep tonight, three nights.

    ________ _____th

    Visit to doctor at dawn. Remember Tanaka’s poem:

    If I forget
    my journey, weeping, down this road
    who will ever know?

    Coerce doctor into giving me morphine.

    Wake in early afternoon. Feel anxious and sad at light in young leaves. Decide that I need to get healthy.

    ________ _____th

    Most livid, burning shame brought up with no hesitations by family. Leapt to feet. Put on geta clogs. Home! Froze for a moment, looking like Deva King. Kicked brazier. Kicked coal bucket into the air. Went into four-and-a-half tatami room and kicked kettle into sliding door. Door’s glass rattled. Kicked tea table over. Soy sauce on wall. Cups and saucers. Scapegoats. Couldn’t have gone on living without breaking all these things. No regrets.

    ________ _____th

    "Five feet eight and shaggy." "Die of shame." Think back on phrases I wrote earlier, chuckle to self.

    ________ _____th

    Yamagishi Gaishi comes to visit. Enemies on every side, I say. Oh, no, only on two sides, really, he replies. Laughs handsomely.

    ________ _____th

    When you aren’t talking, you look fine. I just want you to listen to this. No, I’ve heard plenty. But— … Argued over one and a half yen with family for three hours last night. Absolutely mortifying.

    ________ _____th

    Can’t go to the toilet alone at night. Small-headed boy of fifteen or sixteen in a white yukata stands behind me. Looking back over own shoulder is taking life in hands these days. Definitely a small-headed boy there. Yamagishi Gaishi says it’s because of “somethin’ unspeakably cruel” one of my ancestors did five or six generations ago. Maybe so.

    ________ _____th

    Finish writing next novel. Did it always make me this happy? Read through it again. Looks good. Send word to two or three friends. Can pay everyone back now. Title is The White Monkey Berserk.